Rappahannock River Yacht Club

RRYC Retains Rappahannock Cup

Unfortunately due to illness and schedule issues YPRCC forfeited and RRYC retained the Rappahannock Cup.  Since our PHRF Fleet, under Fleet Commander Ed Johnson was ready to race PRO Mosby West Scheduled three races for Sunday instead of the planned two day regatta.  Sunday was a beautiful race day with the RC getting in three windward leeward races for the spinnaker boats and three triangle races for the non-spin boats.  Our spinnaker fleet consisted of Team Play It Again ( Hal Starke, Rick Peterson, Lisa Watlington, Scott Vail), Team Hot Air (Tom Chapman, Bill DeCoste Jr, Ian Ormesher, Chris Volk) and Team Rattlesnake (Arabella Denvir, John Latell, Tommy Fox, and first time sailors Andrea and Jill .)  The Non-Spin fleet was Team Gloria (Randy Romaine and Bill McCartney) Team Hippo (Ed Johnson, Casey Johnson, Doug Jayne, Joe Davis) and Team Equinox (Stu Polhamus and Fred Pevahouse.)

Winds were moderate 5-9 kts with a persistent 30 degree shift from NE to ENE along with significant osccillations during each leg.  Although the current was ebbing most of the race and the middle of the river should have been favored there seemed to be a consistent lift along the south shore.

Starting in the spin fleet was very aggressive with Play It Again and Rattlesnake forcing Hot Air over early in the second race.  Most races were close at the windward mark but in the end Play It Again dominated the downwind leg winning all three races. Pictured is Rick Peterson from PIA accepting the winning cup from Ed Johnson, Team Hot Air was second and Team Rattlesnake was third. 

In the non-spin fleet, Randy Romaine and Gloria dominated with the best upwind speed winning all three races.  Hippo closed the gap on the reaches but could not overcome Gloria's upwind lead.  Equinox finished third.

PRO Mosby West lead and excellent RC team, moving marks and the pin to provide the best competition.  All racers thank the RC team of: Debbie Cycotte, Ray Britt, George Kuper, Garry Luckham, Tom Blencoe and Tom Armstrong.  Also noteworthy was the great breakfast of sausage and egg pie, fresh fruit and sweet rolls prepared by Kent White.