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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

The RRYC Cruising Fleet has an active seasonal program for 2021, which includes eight planned on-the-water cruising events as well as two to three optional events, weather permitting.  In a good season with few storms, the fleet often cruises collectively over a 1,000 nautical miles on the bay, with trips outside ranging as far as Maine in the summer to the Islands for the winter.
Tom Wicks is the Fleet Commander for 2021 and can be reached by email at
Check out the "Latest News" section for details on upcoming events.
The proposed schedule for 2021 has been published in Headway, which is available to the public at and is copied below as well.

All dates subject to weather and other variables and we assume that COVID restrictions will be lifting as the vax program expands. As event calendars get more populated we can target favorite local festivals


May 1-2: Shakedown Cruise to Tabb’s Creek, hosted by the Commodore and his wife.

Allowing time for repairs and prep while respecting Mother’s Day:

May 16—28th: Spring Cruise North.  Sail to the Patuxent and Choptank Rivers for visits to favorite Ports o” Call, eg, Solomons Is., (possible exploration upriver), to St Michaels (likely via San Domingo--back door), Oxford, Cambridge, with options to Annapolis. Allows everyone to get back by Memorial Day if desired.

June 20-27th: Early Cruise South.  Stopping in Milford Haven for lunch at the Best of the Bay—Hole-in-the -Wall, and perhaps on to Mathews Yacht club nearby for fine dining and rest overnight. Shoal draft adventurers may then try the real “hole in the wall” (there’s even a course taught) to escape the Haven, sail past Wolftrap, on to Mobjack Bay or on to Yorktown for tours of historic sites and fine dining.(I may arrange a visit with a beautiful Herreshoff  S-sloop moored there, one which sails up to the Rapp River to excel in our Turkey Shoot each fall!)  Then it’s a short run to Hampton (YC) for a visit and some good restaurants or with the expected summer winds coming in, it would be an easy run to Cape Charles or straight home from there.

July 4th: Fireworks Cruise. We have local choices, with an invitation to Tabbs Creek for their annual show, perhaps as part of another short cruise, temperatures permitting, such as Urbanna, (Something Different, Portside, Bubba’s), Locklies (Merroir s’il vous plait!).

July 21-24: Hot Summer Short Cruise. Sail to Onancock for a visit, stop at Tangier Island on the way back or stop in Indian Creek for a visit. Transportation into Kilmarnock can be arranged through the Boat Basin or opposite at my “Port-o’-Call” as well as access to a pool. Will check on opening of the Tiki Bar at Windmill Point—stand by.

Aug. 12-15th: Great Wicomico Waterfront Tour  Again, temps permitting, a short tour up to the bridge, with dining—if open—at Horn Harbor, Crazy Crab, Reedville Market (formerly Tommy’s), Fairport Marina, Cockrell Creek Deli, et al. and of course, with a stop at the Ice Cream Shop—Chitterchat.

Sept. 19-29th Capital Cruise. We have moved this cruise to hopefully a cooler time in late September.  The club hasn’t gone up the river in years; Frank Miller will share his plan with us shortly.

Oct. 17- 26 Cruise to Zero Mile 0 that is. Our classic fall wrap up cruise to the Portsmouth area, with dinner at the Commodore Theater as a pivot. Details later.


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