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Rappahannock River Yacht Club
37 39 24 N, 76 26 07 W
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PHRF Racing Fleet

RRYC hosts an active PHRF racing program throughout the season in conjunction with YPRCC's PHRF Schedule.  Glenn Solt is the 2020 Fleet Commander and is reachable by email at  PHRF events include:

YPRCC Spring Regatta - May 16
RRYC Singlehanded PHRF - June 6
RRYC PHRF Spring Regatta - June 20
YPRCC Pursuit Race - July 27
YPRCC Fall Regatta - September 5
Rappahannock Cup - September 19
YPRCC Singlehanded Regatta - September 26
Hospice Turkey Shoot - October 2 - 4
RRYC Commodore's Cup - October 17


Glenn is happy to help locate crew for your boat, if needed.
Check out the Regatta/Fleet page for details on the various PHRF regattas.
In addition, to RRYC & YPRCC events, the Club actively participates in PHRF events at nearby clubs, such as Fishing Bay. 


Irrational Exuberance Dominates RRYC Spring Regatta


Jesse Swartz and Michelle Coiron’s J-30, Irrational Exuberance, had an excellent start to their PHRF racing career with three firsts in the RRYC Spring Regatta on June 22.  PHRF Fleet Commander Ed Johnson assembled a crew for Jesse and Michelle consisting of Ed, Bob Damon, and Steve Donifrio to launce their racing career with a bang. Winning every start, with a port tack, pin end start in the second race and following a consistent strategy of going to the favored right side of the course on the upwind leg they leg the fleet around the course in every race. 


Glenn Solt (with crew Earl Anderson) in his Alerion 28, Freedom, sailed consistently with three, second place finishes holding off third place finisher Joe Davis and crew (Casey Johnson, Doug and Allison Jayne) in Hippo. In an attempt to overcome Freedom’s upwind advantage, Hippo took a flyer in the third race going to the left side of the weather leg, demonstrating why everyone else was going right. Stu Polhamus and Brad Perry in Equinox finished fourth and with Ian Ormesher and Judy Fay in Pocahontas in fifth.  Ian and Judy struggled with a little too much sail in the first race entertaining the race committee. 


Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie at the awards ceremony held on the club porch after racing.  Pictured with their awards are, from left to right, Glenn Solt, Michelle Coiron, Jesse Swartz and Joe Davis.


PRO Mosby West set up an excellent triangle course, in 8-11 kts of NW breeze that went left for the second race and oscillated during all races.  Wildfire crew were, Debbie Cycotte, Danielle Kuper, Melanie and Roger Lawson with Ned Crockett and Tom Chapman on Doug Power setting and moving marks and the pin. 

2019 RRYC Spring Regatta Awards