Rappahannock River Yacht Club
  • RRYC 2109 Single Handed

    The NOR and Racing Instructions are now available for this event to be held on June 8th at 10am. Find the document in the PHRF fleet file library.

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  • RRYC 2019 Single Handed NOR/Race Instructions

    For those interested in sailing in the RRYC PHRF Single Handed event on May 8th, the NOR is now available. Find it under "Fleets/PHRF Racing Fleet/file library" The race will be at 10am on Saturday May 8th.

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  • Typhoon East Coast Championship

    The NOR for the June 1 East Coast Championship is now available by clicking here.  The registration form is available by clicking here. Please RSVP to Bob Damon at nomadbob@aol.com by Tuesday, May 28th for intention to race and number of additional...

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