Rappahannock River Yacht Club

Team GLOria (Randy Romaine and Ian Ormesher) used their wind wizardry to win the single race held in the regatta and May 12. Five boats competed, two from RRYC GLOria and Hot Air both J-24s and three from YPRCC Warren Ryan’s Whistler (J24) and two Santana 20s John Henley’s Brat and Richardson/Schwab’s Silver Fox. Winds were light and fluky at the start from the Southwest with PRO Anker Madsen setting up a 4.6 NM triangle course. Team Gloria was over early at the start and the rest of the fleet, led by Team Hot Air (Tom Chapman, Tom Linville, Bill DeCoste Jr and Lew Thatcher) headed to the left side on starboard tack. As the wind faded, Team Gloria after restarting headed on port towards the shore picking up a lift and a little more pressure. Hot Air seeing Glo building speed tacked back to cover and led at the windward mark by a few boat lengths. The wind continued to lighten as Hot Air and GlOria made their way slowly towards the gybe mark 1.5 NM away. About ¼ NM from the gybe mark Hot Air picked up some more pressure with a new wind from the NW and lengthened their lead over GlOria to 15 boat lengths. The gybe mark had become a leeward mark with the new wind and Hot Air continued on port tack keeping in the pressure. When GlOria reached the leeward mark they tacked to starboard in less pressure. Hot Air should have covered better. Randy Romaine, continued his wind finding wizardry and after awhile picked up the new wind that had returned to the original SW direction. Team Hot Air looked on enviously as GLOria moved away finishing 12 minutes ahead! Time expired before the three YPRCC boats finished. With not enough wind for another race PRO Anker Madsen cancelled all further racing. Congratulations to Randy and Ian on the win. We look forward to more RRYC boats making the starting line for the RRYC J-24 Regatta June 2 and the RRYC Spring Regatta June 16.