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Ongoing Voyage of S/V ARIEL

08/03/2016 10:39 am
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

On behalf of our veteran cruisers, Charles and Sue Springett, please find an update received July 21st.“After parting on July 11, 2016; we have reunited Ariel, Charles and Sue in A Coruna. Gregers had helped him sail her down the... read more

CRUISE NEWS: Aug./Sept. 2016

08/31/2016 10:27 am
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

Voyage of S/V ARIEL I see that some of you do follow Charles and Sue’s blogspot, but for the rest, Ariel is in Seixal, near Lisbon. Portugal. Their sat phone is not tracking well and they have posted pix on... read more

2017 Cruising Schedule

03/29/2017 12:38 pm
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

The preliminary 2017 Cruising Schedule has been posted.  Click below to see details! read more

Ever Wondered What Happened to the Block Ice?

04/21/2017 10:47 am
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

The Club's ice supplier stopped providing block ice last year.  Being the ingenious sailors we are, there is a new solution.  Nordic ice packs are now available for FREE (yes, membership does have its privileges!).  Thanks to fellow members who... read more

2018 Proposed Cruising Schedule

02/06/2018 10:22 am
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

Cruisers!  Please review and coment on the proposed schedule.  Silence is consent!  KenClick here to see schedule. read more

Updated 2018 Cruising Schedule of 15 Feb 18

02/15/2018 9:52 pm
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

Based on responses to the Cruising Survey and deconfliction with other RRYC activities the 2018 Cruising Schedule has been updated.  Please click here to see it. read more

Proposed 2019 Cruise Schedule in Review

01/10/2019 5:46 pm
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

*Cruise Commander Cheryl Wicks along with Past Commander Ken Vincent will host a Cruising Seminar on Feb. 23 at the Clubhouse.  Open to all members and the public, it will be the first event of the cruise season and will... read more

2019 Cruising Fleet Schedule is Published. Contact Cruise Commander Cheryl Wicks, cawicks@aol.com

01/30/2019 9:00 pm
Fleet: Cruising Fleet

2019 RRYC Cruising Schedule, (subject to weather and cruiser input; some will be opened to other clubs and guests)February 23, Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Cruising Seminar – Ken Vincent, Team Leader$10 per person, donuts and coffee and sandwiches... read more