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Rappahannock River Yacht Club
37 39 24 N, 76 26 07 W

RRYC is about to get Nauti.....whoops I mean Nautical.  Here is the proposed schedule:

Saturday 15 June in the RRYC Clubhouse.  "getting more from your GPS....Chartplotter...Apps"

Off to a great start! 18 attendees.  Most of us knew some of the capabilities of our GPS, Chartplotters and Apps but there is far more available from these little devices than most of us knew.  A lively session with lots of questions and some excellent demonstrations from Judy Fay and Gary Hooper.

Flares: Credit: David Kneale_Volvo Ocean Race
Saturday 27 July RRYC Club House. Distressed! Time to be seen and make some noise. We will have a short session discussing distress signals, their use and relative effectiveness.... then outside for some fun! Quentin Haynie from Smith Point Rescue will be joining us to share some of his experiences and lessons learnt. We will take the opportunity to demonstrate how visible some distress signals are. We will demo an electronic flare distress light and explain how these little beauties can save you money as well as help keep you safe.  The fun part of the morning will be firing flares into Carters Creek, something everyone should have the opportunity to practice in case you ever need it for real!
Photo credit: David Kneale Volvo Ocean Race

Saturday 24 Aug  RRYC Club House.  Time to get wet!  "Man Over Board"  Immediate actions, getting the boat back to the person, getting them aboard.  Introductory session in the clubhouse then on the water to rescue our "dummy"!  An opportunity to think how you get a MOB back on board your own boat and to practice the skills in club/volunteers boats on Carters Creek.

Saturday 28 Sep RRYC Clubhouse.  Time to tie it all up!  Rounding of the season with some fundamental sailing knots, some line handing skills and a few useful hints on that essential tool the boat hook.

All sessions start 9am.  Wake up coffee provided. 30-45 minutes in the Clubhouse then out and about, finish about 11-11.30am.  MOB may take longer.