Rappahannock River Yacht Club

In 1983 the Rappahannock River Sailing Association was established and the first Rappahannock Cup races sealed the prominence of sailing in the Rappahannock River and its creeks.  John Ross chaired the committee that coordinated cooperative programs with Yankee Point YC and the then Urbanna Creek YC. 

The Rappahannock Cup is awarded to the winning club immediately after the regatta and the award resides at the winning yacht club until a challenging club earns the right of possession.  Annually, the member club holding the Rappahannock Cup organizes a two-day regatta.  Below is the list of winning clubs over the past five years:

  • 2011:  Rappahannock River Yacht Club
  • 2012:  Rappahannock River Yacht Club
  • 2013:  Rappahannock River Yacht Club
  • 2014: Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club
  • 2015: Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club

Consult the RRYC "Yearbook" to see the list of winning clubs dating back to 1983.