Rappahannock River Yacht Club

YPRCC Fall Regatta Results

Three RRYC boats competed in the September 9  YPRCC Fall Regatta on the Rappahannock.  Winds were great with 11-14 kts, gusting to 17 from the NNE with shifts of 15 to 25 degrees.  The first race was a 6 mile, twice around triangular course with  Hot Air (Tom Richardson, Alex Resio, Jesus Lapera and Tom Chapman)  finishing first, Salute (Pete Knight, Darryl Resio, Bill DeCoste Jr)   second and Rattlesnake (Arabella Denvir, John Latell, Eileen Edmunds, Sissy Crowther)  third.  For the second race the wind shifted 30 degrees to the North and with the signal boat not moving, all racers went for a start on port tack at the highly favored pin end.  Hot Air got off first with Rattlesnake and Salute only seconds behind.  Racing was close around the course with a finish order Hot Air, Rattlesnake and Salute.  First overall was Hot Air with Rattlesnake besting Salute for second place.

Although is was fun racing the day held a sad note as it was Salute's last race on the Rappahannock River.  Skipper Pete Knight, on Salute under spinnaker above has passed Salute on to another owner and she headed North to Maryland Monday.  Salute has had a long and storied racing career on the Rappahannock and other venues in the Northeast and she will be missed.