Rappahannock River Yacht Club

MURPHY NUTS & BOLTS for RACE COMMITTEE - ANGLES & BEARINGS & NUMBERS . . . OH MY! March 10 (0900 – noon, at HYC, Saturday) This seminar will be helpful to volunteers on race committees for all sorts of races (Wednesday and Thursday Nights, club weekend races, and/or bigger regattas), including anyone on a mark boat or other support boat, and everyone on the signal boat. Learn how to set and maintain proper race courses. John will remove the mystery. And, materials and refreshments for check in and breaks are included. At the end of the morning you will know “How, when, and where to set those bags of air!” Cost is $25. To sign up just send your name, address, and phone number to: Lin McCarthy at mcbear@earthlink.net – subj: Nuts and Bolts Seminar. Or, call Lin at (757) 850-4225.