Rappahannock River Yacht Club
The season ending Commodore's Cup Regatta was held Saturday in 7-10 kts of wind and no rain. Early morning rain and a forecast of little wind kept some racers away but the weather was perfect for racing. PRO Ned Crockett set up a 1 mile windward leeward course with the wind coming from NNW and oscillating 25 degrees over the course of the race. Starting was very aggressive with Randy Romaine(crew Bob Damon) in his J-24 Gloria doing a Vanderbilt start and Tom Chapman in his J-24 Hot Air (crew Bill Decoste Jr and Lew Thatcher) keeping clear to windward and Danielle Kuper in Ty Affair sneaking in above Hot Air. On the upwind leg Hot Air and Gloria were well matched in speed but Hot Air with an extra crew on the rail pointed a little better and had the lead at the windward mark. Downwind the lead did not change much and Hot Air finished first. Starting the second race both Gloria and Hot Air were very early at the favored pin end with Gloria going around the mark to re-start and Hot air executing an awful tack with a backed jib that slowed the boat making the tack back to starboard seem like it would take forever. After the bad starts both boats headed upwind with Hot Air having the same pointing advantage as the first race. On the downwind leg Gloria had a little better speed and closed some of the gap by the finish. It was such a great sailing day it was a shame more boats didn't take the chance. Results: Hot Air 1-2= 2, Gloria 2-2=4 Ty Affair 3-DNS=7. Racers thanked the RC of PRO Ned Crockett, Scorer Ray Britt, Flags Fred Pevahouse and Mark Boat George Kuper. We were all grateful that Kent White had coffee, biscuits and apple butter to get the day started.