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Rappahannock River Yacht Club
37 39 24 N, 76 26 07 W

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Covid 19 Pool Rules

Danielle (Sisti) KUPER  | Published on 6/13/2020
* Pool use is at your own risk *

• Swimming is by appointment only using Signup Genius.
• Reservations can be made on the day required or ONE
day ahead only.
• To reserve your time, click on this link below, fill in your
details as requested and sign up.
• Link: 9040C49AFAE23A5F49-rryc
• Reservations are for one hour.
• One unit will be permitted in the pool enclosure per
hour. A unit is defined as a family members living under
the same roof OR two individual members (for example
Danielle and Judy).
• If two individual members wish to swim together, the
reservation must be made by one member.
• Before and after use, the pool gate, furniture and
bathroom (if used) must be cleaned. Cleaning products
will be provided.
• No guests are allowed.
• All posted pool rules apply.