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Typhoon Fall Awards Dinner

 | Published on 10/10/2019

Last evening's Awards Dinner was a smashing success thanks to the efforts of many but especially Leslie and Commander Bob. Commander Bob met us at the door dressed in what looked like the white uniform of a third world dictator or a band director complete with brass buttons and epaulets with "Ty" affixed. He appeared to wear the uniform proudly.


After appetizers we were treated with delicious Italian main courses and completed with salad, dessert, and Italian wine.  Leslie and Dianne worked like Trojans to make sure all of us were fed and had a good time. 


Award presentations followed dinner. Commander Bob gave an excellent review of the action-packed 2019 Typhoon racing season. He urged sailors to consider participating in the FBYC One-Design and Leukemia Cup next year. I have raced in each several times and concur. They are a lot of fun and fill a void in the racing calendar.


The first awards were given to the Shivers for their outstanding work recording the standings after each race in the Spring and Fall Series. I forget the exact order but I was recognized for Communications, Leslie for Social, and Mosby and Debbie for Race Committee. The Shivers, Leslie, and I agreed to continue in our roles next year while Bob announced that Hal Starke has agreed to be PRO for the 2020 Ty Nationals


John Friday gave a brief history of the traveling Typhoon Cup. It was resurrected from the dump (?), cleaned up, engraved at a cost of $800 by Tiffany's of New York engraver, and affixed to a beautiful wooden base that John made. The Cup is awarded to the winners of the Spring Series and later the Fall Series. The Mihills were the 2019 Spring Series winners and Tom Chapman and Ed Johnson were the winners of the Fall Series. Each will have their names engraved on a plate affixed to the base of the Cup.


The 2019 Fall Series awards were then given. Tom Chapman and Ed Johnson were the winners. Ron and Brent Mihills presented Tom with a wooden plaque with an inscribed plate and ten bullets embedded in the wood signifying ten first place wins, or "bullets" during the Series. The Mihills earned second place with Mikey Kennedy and Tom Watkins coming in third, and Danielle Kuper bravely fought her way to fourth place assisted by several different crew members.


Commander Bob announced that the Typhoon Sailor of The Year Award and the Corinthian Award will be presented at the RRYC Annual Meeting to be held November the 16th.


As the meeting was coming to a close I was "blind-sided" by Tom Watkins who presented me with a beautiful walnut plaque with the brass/bronze (?) oval Cape Dory plate that came with each Typhoon built. Engraved in the plate was my Ladybug's number 315. Ron Mihills and Mikey Kennedy were also culprits. I was overwhelmed and exclaimed truthfully that there are many others who deserved recognition more than I did, but I am truly grateful. 


I will close with a huge THANK YOU to Bob Damon for his hard work,  excellent leadership, and for his willingness to be our Commander in 2020. If I have failed to recognize someone please let me know.