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RRYC Retains Rappahannock Cup

 | Published on 10/9/2019

RRYC Retains Rappahannock Cup over Yankee Point Racing Cruising


Eleven boats, seven from RRYC and four from YPRCC had a great day of racing on the river September 14.  


Winds were relatively light to in the first two races causing Moya skipper Tommy Asch to comment that it was a challenge to get his big boat moving.  Although it did appear that Team Moya may have had the most fun of the competitors… especially when the wind came up in the third race.  The spinnaker boats race three windward-leeward courses of 2.2 mile with the Non-Spinnaker boats racing one windward-leeward course and two 2.8 mile triangle courses. 


Overall RRYC retained the Cup with 39 points to 57 points for YPRCC. Yes, like golf lower is better! Thanks to all the RRYC teams that came out to defend the Cup!


In the Spinnaker division Team Hot Air (Tom Chapman, Bill Decoste Jr, Jeff Branflick and Lew Thatcher) face off against Team Trouble (Arabella Denvir, Warren Green, Lisa Watlington and Charlotte Silverman) as well as Warren Hottle’s Ariel.  Team Hot Air and Team Trouble had great match racing starts providing great entertainment for the Signal boat crew.  


The Non-Spin division had extremely close racing with a different winner in each race.  As noted below, after three races the first four places were separated by only 1 point for each place.  Win Schwab and Ed Richardson in Silver Fox, a Santana 20 and light air daemon won the division with Team Irrational Exuberance (Jesse Swartz, Steve Donofrio, Nick Sterrett Ed Johnson and Casey Johnson) a J-30 second.  Randy Romaine in his J-24 Glo with crew Matt Cunningham were third.  Interestingly Randy was starting for home after the first two races, thinking that was the end.  After a radio call Randy turned around and won the third race. Good thing he came back! Other RRYC Non-Spin boats competing (and helping push YPRCC boat further down in the standings assisting our Cup efforts) were Glenn Solt in Freedom and Stu Polhamus in Equinox.


One of the more interesting Non-Spin entries was Robin Meigel in Pacem a YPRCC CD-27.  To help fill out YPRCC’s team Robin singlehanded.  Robin wanted to thank Tom Linville and Stu Polhamus who provided assistance Friday night to get Pacem on the racecourse.  Another example of RRYC being a welcoming club! 


Setting the courses, running and scoring the races were PRO George Kuper, Danielle Kuper, Cynthia McInturff and Ray Britt on Wildfire and Greg Kirbride and Milt McInturff on Doug Power.  


Individual Results:


Spinnaker Division:

            Hot Air                                  1-1-1 = 3                   First

            Trouble                                 2-2-2 = 6                   Second

            Ariel                                       3-3-3 = 9                   Third


Non-Spinnaker Division: 

            Silver Fox                              2-1-3 = 6                   First

            Irrational Exuberance       3-2-2 = 7                   Second

            Glo                                          4-3-1 = 8                   Third

            Whistler                                1-4-4 = 9                   

            Moya                                     5-5-5 = 15

            Freedom                               6-6-6 = 18

            Pacem                                   7-7-7 = 21

            Equinox                                 8-8-8 = 24